How to unleash the full power of Appreciative Inquiry 

Appreciative Inquiry has become a well-established strengths-based approach to positive transformation.


AI5 – How to unleash the full power of Appreciative Inquiry introduces a new five-layered framework to AI. As well as showing new ways of approaching AI, it allows practitioners to maximize the results that can be delivered by combining “doing” and “being” AI in any given situation.


Through stories and case studies, this book offers easy-to-follow and practical examples which will inspire you to think about AI more expansively and creatively in both professional and personal life.

Some words of two international AI practitionners and friend about the book

The authors’ ideas and resources provided in this book are a rich companion for anyone engaged in or wanting to become more engaged in just how and why AI works.

Jacqueline M. Stavros

Professor - Laurence Technological University - USA

Creator of SOAR

This book offers us as readers and practitioners the opportunity to go much deeper in our understanding of what the possibilities of this approach really are

Joep C. de Jong

Member of the Council of Practice

Cooperrider Centre for Appreciative Inquiry